Types Of Siding

Types of Siding For Your Home

Vinyl siding

The  versatility and low cost, easy maintenance of vinyl siding has made it the most popular siding choice in America. Vinyl siding comes inn a variety of colors and styles available which is what has made it so popular. This type of siding requires few tools to install and available at home improvement stores, this is a great option for those who are the do-it-yourself types. Since mistakes can be costly, make sure to follow instructions from the manufacturer and take advantage of online how-to videos.

Engineered wood  siding

has the look and feel of real wood without the worry and maintenance.
Fiber-cement siding
The price is $6- $12 per square foot installed. This type of siding will last 20- 50 years..
This siding has the look of  stucco, masonry, or wood at a much lower price point, fiber-cement siding has become the siding of choice for most homeowners. Fiber-cement siding is  non-flammable, low-maintenance, and termite-resistant. Available in a variety of styles and textures, factory and finishes . .